Team Ripple (XRP) ā€” HODL ON!

The Current price of Ripple:

As one June 21st, 2018 1:05PM Ripple is worth $0.53. However, in the near future the price of Ripple will exceed $1.00.

Before reading on, I want to state that it is crucial to make your own investment decisions. Iā€™m not a financial adviser. I do not have proper licensing to give financial advice. In other words, you should take the time to make your own conclusions and reach your own interpretations on the future prices of cryptocurrencies. Regardless, below are three reasons why I support Ripple.

3 reasons why I support Ripple:


XRP has already attracted big names such as Santander, MUFG, Moneygram, American Express, and more! With these well established financial institutions using Ripples platform to facilitate transactions other banks will take notice and begin experimenting and possibly implementing Ripple within their model. Essentially, the more banks that use Ripple with high satisfaction, the higher the price will rise. To see the full members list visit their page here:

Positive Press:

One variable affecting the price of cryptocurrencies is press. In other words, if negative news is released about a particular coin or the overall market the markets tend to perform poorly. Conversely, if positive news is released about a particular coin or the overall market the markets tend to experience large gains. Ripple is frequently in reputable news sources such as CNBC with positive news. For example, according to Kate Rooney, XRP donated $50 million to top universities to boost blockchain adoption. Source:

They have a Great Product and Real Use Cases:


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