Bitcoin Recently Reached $10,000.

There really is no concrete reason why Bitcoin is currently skyrocketing. Personally, I'm speculating the halving event is causing the price to go up as it has been a bullish event in the past... With Bitcoin rallying to $10,000 this should leave you wondering when a potential pull back, or sell off will occur. Perhaps at $12,000 or $15,000, who knows, but you, the average investor, should at least be aware of when you want to sell ( Don't Get Greedy).

Amfeix Check In:

We started this case study with an initial investment of $200. Now the $200 investment is currently at $328.90!


Amfeix Notes

Amfeix is safe. The login is incredibly easy and nothing has changed or even brought up a concern. So far it's been a superb service.

This has been an entirely passive endeavor. I bought Bitcoin, sent it to Amfeix, and have done nothing aside from watch my money grow.