October 26th, 2019

It's currently October 26th, 2019. Bitcoin is up to $9,173. So you may be asking: how is the initial $200 investment with Amfeix doing? Is it still there? Is there a profit?

Amfeix account: $239.90

As you can see the investment value in my account is $239.90. Note, I have not touched this account and I am simply letting the investors at Amfeix manage the investment decisions. Yes, there is risk to think about, which is why educating yourself on potential risks associated with Bitcoin's volatility and just what Amfeix is is important. I suggest reading the article below to get more information on Amfeix before starting using their service.

Amfeix Notes:

  • It's proven to be reliable
  • It is passive
  • Total profit is aprox $40.00 (however it's more if you include fees) 
  • Bitcoin is a volatile asset and, so far, Amfeix has mitigated risk