AMFEIX - The Platform

Since their inception, cryptocurrencies have overcome the skepticism and mistrust surrounding them to become a recognized financial asset. The changing trend has also led to many embracing the new-age currency, and even hoarding them. However, there are still some apprehensions among a segment of investors due to the volatility surrounding cryptocurrencies. If you fall in that category, then AMFEIX is a platform that might just come to your aid and help keep a foot in the game.


AMFEIX holds the distinction of being the world’s first pseudo-anonymous blockchain trading fund based on smart contracts. The platform is a one-of-a-kind investment vehicle that allows you to gain profitable returns on bitcoin holdings without having to involve oneself in trading. The AMFEIX platform is an investors fund that trades BTC on behalf of investors.


The nature of AMFEIX’ business requires highly skilled traders and investment professionals and the company has just that. These experienced technical traders and analysts manage the pooled funds to execute open market operations on liquid exchanges to generate profits. In addition, the platform also maintains an around-the-clock support team who are available to help investors with any of their queries.


Fees and other Charges

AMFEIX acts as a fund manager for deposits made on the platform free of charge. The platform doesn’t charge any fund management or handling fees from its users. Instead, it follows the “if you make money, we make money” principle by charging a 20% fee on the generated profits. The profits and losses are calculated in BTC and not their corresponding fiat value. In the event of losses, it will be split among the investors based on their ratio of investment into the fund pool.

All P&L and fee calculations are updated at 24-hour intervals.

Scalability and Security

AMFEIX is designed keeping various possible scenarios in mind, with contingencies planned into the design and development. Being a smart contract based blockchain trading fund, the platform has implemented a scalable cloud blockchain solution that can handle increased demand without causing any disruption for its users. Also, the platform implements some of the best security features starting with a secure AMFEIX decentralized wallet into which the user can deposit the funds. The wallets are secured with 12 random seed keys that used to link the device with account and requires an 8-character password for access.

Also, the platform holds most of the user funds in cold wallets with no more than 30%-50% of the pooled investment fund out in the exchange generating profits. Furthermore, investor’s passwords are encrypted and stored in the investor’s personal computer for security purposes.

The platform is pseudo-anonymous by design which allows users to start using the service without providing personal information.

Wallet Creation and Funding An Account

AMFEIX is one of the few platforms with no minimum investment period. In order to start using the platform, one has to create a wallet and deposit funds into it. The entire process takes a few seconds following which the funds are ready to be handled by professionals to generate profits.

AMFEIX offers high levels of flexibility to its users. The absence of a minimum investment period makes it possible for the investors to end their contract whenever they wish. Once the contract is terminated, funds will be available for withdrawal in the next 24 hours. Meanwhile, profits generated during the investment period can be withdrawn as soon as it is credited to the investor’s account.


Customer Support

AMFEIX has customer support lines open 24/7, so that investors can reach out to the team and get their queries sorted immediately. The customer support channel can be accessed either through email – , chat box on the website or over Telegram at