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In 2009, Bitcoin was created...

To this day the creator of Bitcoin is unknown, however, the unknown alias of Satoshi Nakamoto is used to describe the creator(s) of Bitcoin.

Since 2009, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have grown rapidly. In 2017, just 8 years after the creation of Bitcoin, the price skyrocketed to over $17,000!

So Why Should You Care?

Whether it's Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, or the Brave Browser. It is evident that there is massive opportunities to earn money with cryptocurrencies, but if you are not interested in making money learning about a, decentralized digital ledger, should sound interesting to you... Otherwise you are in the wrong place.

Listen, Bitcoin, in just 8 years went from $0 to $17,000. Now imagine what could happen 10 years from now? Imagine if you knew what to look for when evaluating a crypto project. Imagine what you could do with this information. This is YOUR GOLDEN opportunity. Some might call it a GOLD RUSH, but in modern day terms -- this is the Digital Dash.

It's violent out there; scams, fake projects, broken code in Github Repositories

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